...things preached from the housetops (Matt 10:27)


I finally got to the obligatory viewing of “SON OF GOD” last night and with everything I have ever seen from the sewer known as Hollywood, this was no exception.

The story followed a selected quantity of excerpts from Christ’s life and ministry that were at best, sorta true to the Bible. Of course there was the missing encounter with Satan (which was reputed to have looked too much like our esteemed leader!). The story also had a measure of political “license” not found in Scripture and of course included the Pretty-boy/close to effeminate/out of true Biblical Character/WASP Jesus. It also want far to propagandize to lie that Peter was the first Pope. But with these failures, in the 2 hour movie there was one salient piece of the story that was intentionally left out.

In the whole of God’s Word, a simple study will reveal two basic motivations evident in both Testaments (not to mention the Flood). These two clearly stated motivations are THE FEAR OF GOD and HIS GREAT LOVE. Beyond this SIMPLE understanding one can further quantify these two motivations in their importance to The Father by the citations, example and direct instruction each receives. This done, it is quickly apparent that THE FEAR OF HIM is the motivator most often used by our Creator to move us to worship and be faithful to Him. (By an almost a 3.5 fear to 1 love ratio)

Within this easily seen fact we can now inject the current sub-standard culture of Christianity and reflect on their lack of understanding this Biblical truth. I/we continue to represent The Father to a public that has been influenced by this failed culture and are taken back by our insistence that there is ACCOUNTABILITY COMING, they need to FEAR THAT FACT, and REPENT OR END IN HELL!. Beyond this, the push-back we continually receive from Christians “OFFENDED” by such a declaration only further underscores the lamentable situation we are in. These things said, the factor left out of “THE SON OF GOD” constitutes a clear deception and an unforgivable disservice to the sacrifice our Father provided and Christ in fact endured.

This soon to be adjudicated conscious failure was the overt and unforgivable omission OF ANY MENTION OF THE CLEAR BIBLICALLY DESCRIBED CONSEQUENCE OF JUDGMENT AND HELL TO COME FOR THOSE REJECT GOD’S GREAT GIFT. In the whole movie, there was never ONE mention of JUDGEMENT OR HELL TO COME! We were instead treated to nothing more than the “girly-smiling”, toothy, WASP, “love-Jesus” as our take-away. This (at best) “half-truth” represents a huge deception and mirrors the producers intent to fit the movie into the afore cited sub-standard Christianity that surrounds us today.

The cartoon “Noah” is next,

How long Lord?

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